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TORRECID is a Globalized Multinational Business Group founded in 1963, dedicated to provide products, services, solutions and future trends to the Ceramic and Glass Sector.

Torrecid Group is present in 28 countries around the world with customers in more than 130 countries. Its headquarters are located in Alcora – Castellón, in Spain.

TORRECID has the following Mission:

“Provoke the CHANGE through the Global Leadership in INNOVATION to generate New Solutions and Future Trends to provide the Best Competitive Advantages and the MAXIMUM ADDED VALUE

TORRECID bases the accomplishment of this mission on five factors:

Torrecid was created on 15 August 1963 when its founder and chairman, Mr. Federico Michavila Pallarés, started a small plant in Alcora, occupying 392 sqm, where a staff of 8 produced 800 tonnes of frit yearly.

In 1978, Mr. Federico Michavila Heras, the current chairman and CEO, joined Torrecid. He led the change with a new vision for the business, and together with his team transformed a small family company into a Global Multinational Worldwide Leader.

The following are the most notable events in Torrecid history:




TORRECID has always been characterized as a partner company and is involved in society, providing help and assistance to small businesses, associations,institutes, and a small draw, these are the last facts:

  • Torrecid sponsors the Ceramics Sector paddle tournament.
  • Torrecid is the official sponsor of the MTB race “GEGANT DE PEDRA”
  • Torrecid is the official sponsor of the International taekwondo open “City of the Ceramic” in Alcora
  • Torrecid signs an agreement with Jaime I University, offering a scholarship for a Degree Thesis.
  • Every year Torrecid sponsors the Chemical Olympics.
  • Torrecid sponsors the Ceramic Hall of Alcora at the Ceramic Museum in the Royal Palace of Pedralbes in Barcelona.
  • Torrecid supports artistic events, such as the JOSE COTANDA Award.
  • Torrecid sponsors Qualicer.
As a contribution to the celebration of the town where he was born and prospered, Torrecid has initiated an artistic pottery collection in his own headquarters, through the acquisition of important original parts, especially the world famous Count Aranda in Alcora.


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